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Development and Reform Commission policy force! 6 major medical equipment will receive key support

Release time: 2019-06-03

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      Medical guide
      In the next three years, the government will support the development of key areas of manufacturing by increasing investment in funds, improving the incentive policies for the first demonstration of the application of major technical equipment, and implementing product finance leasing business. The key products are as follows:
      Innovative medical devices: PET-MRI, ultrasound endoscopy, surgical robots, full laboratory automated inspection and analysis line (TLA), etc.
      High-performance imaging equipment: PET-CT, CT, MRI, etc.
      Treatment equipment: high-energy linear accelerator, image-guided radiation therapy device, etc.
      In vitro diagnostic products: high-throughput gene sequencer, chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer, new molecular diagnostic instruments, etc.
      New implanted interventional products: fully degradable coronary stents, neurostimulators, tissue-induced regeneration and repair materials, etc.
      Other products: high-end intelligent rehabilitation aids, high-precision real-time inspection system (POCT), etc.
  According to the news of the National Development and Reform Commission on November 27, in order to accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing, promote the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy, and break through the key technologies of the manufacturing key areas to achieve industrialization, the National Development and Reform Commission has formulated the "enhanced manufacturing core competitiveness." Three-Year Action Plan (2018-2020) ("Action Plan").

      The Action Plan proposes nine key areas such as rail transit equipment, high-end marine and marine engineering equipment, intelligent robots, smart cars, modern agricultural machinery, high-end medical devices and pharmaceuticals, new materials, manufacturing intelligence, and major technical equipment. Organize the implementation of key technology industrialization projects.

      The key tasks of high-end medical devices and drugs are as follows:
      1. Accelerate the industrialization and application of high-end medical devices
      Focus on supporting the industrialization of innovative medical devices such as PET-MRI, ultrasound endoscopy, surgical robots, and full laboratory automated inspection and analysis line (TLA).
      Supports high-performance imaging equipment such as PET-CT, CT, MRI, high-energy linear accelerators and image-guided radiotherapy devices, high-throughput gene sequencers, chemiluminescence immunoassays, and new molecular diagnostic instruments. Diagnostic products, new implant intervention products such as fully degradable coronary stents, nerve stimulators, tissue-induced regeneration and repair materials, high-end intelligent rehabilitation aids, high-precision real-time inspection systems (POCT) and other product upgrades and quality performance improvements.
      2. Promote the industrialization and application of high-end drugs
      Targeting the treatment of major diseases such as tumors, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, immune system, viruses and drug-resistant infections, we promote the development and industrialization of innovative drugs with targeted, highly selective and new mechanisms of action.
      Support the development and industrialization of the first chemical generic drugs and biosimilar drugs with long market potential and high clinical value, and support the upgrading of product industry through the evaluation of the quality and efficacy of generic drugs.
      Supporting 1-2 new drugs (new and improved new drugs), new drugs (including ethnic medicines) and new classics, and the first in China, which have obtained new drug certificates or have been declared for new drug production since 2015. The industrialization of biopharmaceuticals listed on the market.
      3. Strengthen the construction of specialized technical service platform
      Support the construction of medical equipment, pharmaceutical specialization consulting, research and development, production and application demonstration service platform, and provide public services such as key technology development, standard formulation, quality testing and evaluation, clinical research, application demonstration, etc. to promote comprehensive transformation and upgrading of the industry and promote Improve product quality and performance, improve the division of labor and production intensification in the pharmaceutical industry.
      In addition, it is also pointed out that it is necessary to promote the research and development and industrialization demonstration of key technologies for medical rehabilitation robots.

The four major policy measures to support key areas are as follows:
      1. Strengthen the construction of the support system
      Integrate government, enterprises, industry associations, research institutes and other resources, actively carry out standard revision, evaluation, pilot, verification, publicity and promotion, and actively lead or participate in the formulation of international standards.
      Strengthen the construction of third-party inspection and testing certification institutions, and establish and improve product certification systems and market acquisition mechanisms in key areas in accordance with the principle of combining voluntary certification with mandatory certification.
      Strengthen the construction of corporate credit system, improve the dynamic evaluation of corporate quality credit, trustworthy incentives and disciplinary mechanisms.
Promote corporate product standards, quality, safety self-declaration and supervision system, and strengthen corporate social responsibility and industry self-discipline.
      2. Optimize and improve the incentive policy
      Make full use of existing channels, increase capital investment, support core technology research and key common technology platforms in key areas.
      Innovate the use of funds, actively use advanced manufacturing industry investment funds, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei industrial synergy development investment funds and other industrial investment funds, foster innovation and development of key enterprises and industry alliances, and promote key technology industrialization projects in key areas.
      We will improve the incentive policies for the first (set) demonstration of major technical equipment, and improve the incentive and restraint mechanism for the development and use of units in product innovation, value-added services and demonstration applications.
      3. Strengthen financial policy support
      Actively play the advantages of policy finance and commercial finance, and use loan interest subsidies and guarantees to guide various financial institutions to increase credit support for the implementation of the action plan and reasonably determine the loan interest rate.
      Support the combination of industry and finance of manufacturing enterprises in key areas, carry out product finance leasing business, and promote pilot projects for leasing asset securitization.
      Improve multi-level capital markets, and support enterprises in qualifying action plans in issuing stocks, corporate bonds, corporate bonds, medium-term notes, short-term financing bills, and absorbing private equity investments.
      4. Increase international cooperation
      We will implement major government strategies such as the “Belt and Road Initiative”, promote the establishment of an international dialogue and exchange platform, and build a long-term mechanism for international cooperation.
      Organize exchanges and cooperation around standards development, certification and accreditation, intellectual property rights, and personnel training to continuously expand cooperation areas. Increase the support of export credit insurance, make overall use of industrial funds, policy loans and other funding channels, encourage enterprises to open up overseas markets, strengthen technical cooperation, acquire high-level overseas R&D institutions and high-quality enterprises, and promote the development of leading global enterprises and domestic enterprises. Various forms of joint venture cooperation.
      Give full play to the role of various types of intelligence projects to attract global talents to come to China for innovation and entrepreneurship.

      In addition, the Action Plan states that the Action Plan for Enhancing the Core Competitiveness of Manufacturing Industry will be implemented in a three-year cycle, and the key areas and major tasks will be dynamically adjusted according to changes in economic and social development needs and environmental conditions. In order to ensure the smooth implementation and orderly advancement of the action plan, we will formulate and implement the implementation plans for breakthroughs in key technologies to achieve industrialization in key areas.